Product configurator

Product Configurator
Quality Standard
Please indicate the packaging, the amount and the primary packaging material (The minimum production quantity is 25 Liter due to single-use equipment).
2D Bag:
3D Bag:
Temperature controlled shipping
Manufacturing Process Development
Kindly notice that process development or validation is recommended for serial production. For lot-specific production and test production not all the specifications can be guaranteed.
Expiration date
PAN-Biotech or PAN-Celltech does not guarantee any stability related specifications of formulations, which are not developed or validated by PAN.
As your contract manufacturer we offer the following options to specify the product information in product documents (such as CoA).
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Additional project management fees may apply if more than 20 work hours are required to process the inquiry, due to factors such as extensive research, investigation, validation, planning or correspondence. These fees will be clearly itemized and not included in the products original quotation.