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Please pay attention to the following quality criteria when purchasing products!

We are certified.

We produce according to strict official guidelines and are certified:
✓ ISO 9001 certified
✓ ISO 13485 certified
✓ EDQM (European directorate for the quality of medicine & healthcare)
✓ Licensed according to EU 1069/2009 with Vet. No. DE 09 275 0001 14

PAN CoA Suche

Quality in production and delivery

✓ Production organized by ERP system
✓ Sterile filling in cleanroom atmospheres according to EU GMP standards
✓ In-house cellculture testing
✓ No minimum order for standard products required
✓ Flexible production and packaging
✓ Just-in-time delivery with in-house shipping
✓ Product traceability according to highest standards

Service Quality

✓ Quick response
✓ Audit-ready at any time
✓ 30 years experience in R&D and manufacturing of cell culture products
✓ Short communication channels
✓ Excellent network
✓ Qualified technical support
✓ Support in regulatory affaires
✓ On-site customer visits
✓ Onlineshop

Our quality management not only means examining the end product but also working more intelligently and efficiently. Thanks to our strict quality policy, we are able to provide you with a reliable product.