The transition from Research Use Only (RUO) to Current Good Manufacturing (cGMP) is a critical step

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In the realm of biopharmaceuticals and molecular diagnostics, moving from Research Use Only (RUO) to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is an essential progression. RUO products find their use primarily in the research phase, while cGMP products are crafted for clinical trials and commercial production, adhering to strict quality and safety norms.

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The shift from RUO to cGMP isn't just a regulatory mandate; it's a strategic decision that can significantly enhance the quality, stability, and reliability of your products. This "RUO to cGMP transition process" is crucial for ensuring product safety and efficacy, meeting regulatory requirements, and ultimately, securing market approval.

How it works

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"We support our clients through the transition process"

At PAN, we not only provide cGMP manufacturing services but also support our clients through the transition process. We offer a diverse range of sterile solutions for upstream and downstream processing, biological buffers, and flexible sterile filling and packing options. Plus, our rapid turnaround times mean we deliver custom solutions within weeks!

A Strategic Partner

The transition can be a complex journey, involving a series of intricate steps, including process development, scale-up, validation, and regulatory submission. It requires a deep understanding of both RUO and cGMP standards, as well as the ability to navigate the regulatory landscape. This is where PAN comes into play. As a strategic partner, we offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 13485 standards is a testament to our dedication to contract manufacturing. We understand the importance of quality, stability, and reliability in the biopharmaceutical industry, and we strive to deliver sterile contract manufacturing solutions that meet these standards.

Custom Solutions

"Navigating the RUO to cGMP transition" is a critical step in the product development process. With PAN as your partner, you can navigate this transition seamlessly, ensuring the quality, stability, and reliability of your products.

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