Custom Solution for Pharma Raw Materials by PAN

At PAN-Biotech, we take pride in showcasing our work. We believe that our products and services speak for themselves, and we are excited to share some examples of our custom solutions for bioproduction and molecular diagnostics. Here are some of the products we've provided:

WFI quality water 
TSB medium 
PBS solutions
Sodium chloride solutions 
Tris solutions 
Lysis buffer solutions 
Ammonium sulfate 
Potassium acetate solutions 
Basal media such as M199, αMEM 
Acetic acid RNase- / DNase-free WFI 
Serum replacements 
Cryo-preservation media

All these products were produced in cGMP-grade and are available in different bag sizes. These examples illustrate our commitment to quality and our ability to deliver customized solutions to meet our clients' needs.

from RUO to cGMP

Success story of a typical ordering process


We also want to share a success story of a typical ordering process. A client approached us in November to produce different cGMP grade culture media using their own formulations and labels. We successfully passed three audits, and by the end of December, we signed six different OEM contracts. By the end of January, the first shipment was out the door. The client was thrilled with our flexibility and quick response!

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At PAN-Biotech, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that meet our clients' needs. We invite you to explore our showcases and see how we can support your work.

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