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PAN-Biotech offers convenient solutions to manufacture your formulations and to establish a production process according to your specifications. Our expert team is committed to find the perfect solution for you. Please specify the following parameters for further information – Thank you!

Product Configurator
Please indicate the packaging, the amount and the primary packaging material
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Manufacturing Process Development
Kindly notice that process development or validation is recommended for serial production. For lot-specific production and test production not all the specifications can be guaranteed.
Expiration date
As your contract manufacturer we offer the following options to specify the product information in product documents (such as CoA).
According to this information a sample CoA will be prepared for your confirmation. In case you are interested in a stability study, please consult with our team.
Bottles are packaged in cardboard boxes as standard. Each bottle size has different amount in the cardboard boxes. If you have your own packaging specification, please let us know.
Retained samples
If yes
PAN-Biotech tests every product for pH, osmolality and sterility as standard. If you require additional tests, please specify
According to EP the method verification includes a broad range of germs (sterile testing) and mycoplasma strains (mycoplasma testing). Delay in delivery and a surcharge due to the PE verification will be expected.
If desired, we offer a quick growth control (with only one germ/strain).
*a Cost fee may apply
*b Should you decided to buy the GMP version of the product, these tests are included and a part of standard QC-controls.
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