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Revolutionize Cell Culture with Chemically Defined FBS Replacement

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"... to replace FBS is easier than you thought ..."

Are you a dedicated researcher in the field of cell culture who is seeking a reliable, efficient, and ethical alternative to FBS, but feel uncertain or insecure about making the transition?

We understand that change can be daunting, especially when it comes to the adoption of new technologies and products. That's why our up-to-date application note is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to confidently make the switch to our revolutionary animal (including human) component-free FBS replacement.
In this comprehensive case study, we showcase an easy and standard workflow for transitioning from FBS-containing to FBS-free cell culture, using a fibroblast cell line as a model system.

Seamless transition to chemically defined cell culture
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Why choose our FBS replacement?

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Customizable & chemically defined formulation

Unmatched customization: Tailor the chemically defined formulation to your research needs, such as steroid-free for toxicological assays.

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GMP-compliant manufacturing

High-quality manufacturing: GMP-compliant standards ensure suitability for pharmaceutical, gene, and cell therapy applications.

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Incredible flexibility for various cell lines

Incredible flexibility: Adapt to various cell lines, surpassing cell-specific serum-free media limitations.

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Perfect for cutting-edge research

Advanced application compatibility: Ideal for cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and gene therapy.

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Embrace a future of ethical, compliant, and sustainable cell culture. Download our exclusive, new application note and transform your cell culture process today!


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Is Panexin CD suitbale for adherent or suspension cells?

Panexin CD is a universal supplement, compatible with both adherent and suspension cultures. However, when culturing adherent cells, you might notice cell detachment. This can be a normal part of the process, but there are steps you can take to mitigate this and maintain the integrity of your cultures. Please firstly consider that many cell types need to be gradually adapted to serum-free conditions (See our product information and the application note).
To prevent detachment, consider using an additional coating on your culture vessels. Recombinant fibronectin is a popular choice due to its ability to promote cell adhesion. Furthermore, increasing your seeding densities can enhance cell-to-cell contact, aiding adhesion.

If these methods are insufficient, it may be worthwhile to experiment with a different basal medium. The optimal medium can vary based on cell type, so don't hesitate to explore options. As a reminder, always observe and record any changes you make, as this will help you in the iterative process of optimizing your cell culture conditions.

Is Panexin CD suitable for freezing cells?

Panexin CD is used for freezing cells with the same manner as using FBS. We recommend to use our serum-free freezing medium Cryopan I , which is optimized for cryoconservation.

How often can I freeze Panexin CD without affecting the quality?

Panexin CD should be stored at -20 °C to maintain its stability and integrity. To prevent decomposition or crystallization of certain components, which can lead to challenges in re-dissolving, it's essential to avoid frequent freeze-thaw cycles.
To accomplish this, we recommend the practice of aliquoting - dividing the product into smaller portions under sterile conditions before freezing. This way, you can thaw only the amount you need for each use, limiting the overall exposure of your stock to freeze-thaw cycles.
Moreover, it is generally a good practice to prepare your cell culture medium fresh, and only in the quantities required for immediate use. This helps to ensure the medium's sterility and nutrient content, providing optimal conditions for your cells. Remember, the key to successful cell culture is maintaining a sterile, stable environment for your cells, and managing your medium effectively is an integral part of this process.

What do I have to consider when using Trypsin on cells cultured in Panexin CD?

When handling adherent cells grown under serum-free conditions, special consideration should be given to the detachment process. If trypsin is your chosen method for detaching cells, remember to use a suitable trypsin inhibitor. Unlike serum, which naturally contains trypsin-inhibiting substances, Panexin CD does not have these components.
However, there's an alternative to this process: you may use accutase instead of trypsin. One of the advantages of using accutase is that it does not need to be inhibited separately. This could streamline your workflow, reducing the complexity of your detachment process without compromising the integrity or viability of your cells.

Does Panexin CD contain animal- or human-derived components?

Panexin CD is conscientiously designed to be free from any animal- or human-derived components, making it a more sustainable and ethical choice for cell culture. Traditionally used animal proteins have been thoughtfully replaced with recombinant proteins. This not only ensures that our product is ethically sourced, but also maintains the high-quality, controlled environment that your cell cultures require.

Do I have to test different lots of Panexin CD?

One key drawback of animal-derived products, such as Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), is the inherent batch-to-batch variability. This inconsistency can introduce unpredictability into your cell culture results, making them harder to interpret and reproduce.

In contrast, Panexin CD's chemically defined formulation offers a significant advantage. Its consistency eliminates the need for tedious batch testing, saving you time and resources, and providing peace of mind that your cell culture conditions are reliable and reproducible. By using Panexin CD, you can focus more on your research and less on managing the variability of your cell culture media.