Accompany us along the green way!

We are aware that we can only reach our goal of more sustainability in cell culture by improving our company’s processes. Further than that we are also creating new and unique ways for our customers and partners to also contribute to a more sustainable cell culture future.

Sustainability due to recycling.

Would you like to support us in returning the PET cell culture bottles to the recycling cycle? Learn more on the subject of "Return service for PET cell culture bottles from PAN-Biotech".

The environmental protection concept by PAN-Biotech.
We all are responsible for the world of tomorrow.

In Life-Science Laboratories 5.5 million tons of plastic waste are generated every year. Let us change that.

The environmental concept of PAN-Biotech introduced briefly.

We all are responsible for the world of tomorrow. We go an unique way of sustainability with our three "R - Recycle, Reduce, Replace". Let the video inspire you!

About our program!

To expand our environmental protection, we now offer a free return service for empty PET cell culture bottles. We take back bottles of all sizes and suppliers to return them to the recycling cycle. The only requirement is that the bottles are free of any contamination. After an overwhelming response from our customers and users, we will continue to expand our environmentally friendly disposal of empty PET cell culture bottles. We have developed two simple types of return service, which we will introduce to you. We would like to ask you personally to support us in our work for more sustainability and for more climate protection.

Jens Hartmann CEO PAN Biotech

CEO Letter

Dear customers,

in the past 1 1/2 years we have launched many activities and services to increase sustainability and environmental protection.

As we received only positive feedback for our environmentally friendly disposal service for empty PET cell culture bottles we will continue to expand our services. For this reason we developed an easy way for the return of empty PET cell culture bottles for our customers which we want to introduce to you.

I personally want to encourage you to support our efforts for a more sustainable cell culture future.

Please help us! Together we can achieve a lot!

Best regards


Jens Hartmann
Owner and CEO
of the PAN-Biotech Group

PS: Feel free to give me your ideas and suggestions personally:

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Further measures for more sustainability

We ensure more sustainability with our company car fleet, which we have converted to electric cars. This is refueled from self-generated solar energy. Saving CO2 is part of our strategy for climate protection.

You are welcome to view our energy certificate here .

Goals achieved so far

PV Anlage